Fighting Brain Cancer

Dr. Alfredo Quinones and his team in the Brain Tumor Stem Cell Research Laboratory at Mayo Clinic Florida are dedicated to finding a cure for brain cancer.

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June 7, 2016Cellular ‘Racetrack’ Accurately Clocks Brain Cancer Cell Movement

Our team researchers and laboratory collaborators report they have developed "an experimental laboratory test that accurately clocks the “speed” of human brain tumor cell movement along a small glass “track.”

June 1, 2016Latino Leaders-"Dr.Q" Taking Brain Cancer Research to New Heights

Our team is constantly unraveling the great mystery of the human brain as we continue to learn about how the brain develops, how brain cancer migrates, and how we can identify the proteins that cause this devastating disease with the goal to one day find a cure.

March 1, 2016Press Release: Movie "Dr. Q"

Disney and Plan B production announced that my life story will be featured in a movie. One person can see the world change, but only a team can change the world!

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