"Inspiring Stories: The Miracle of Life"

Yanir Gvirtzman

Yanir Gvirtzman was an avid runner when suddenly it became very difficult for him to run a single mile. Yanir learned that his body had stopped producing its normal hormones and a team of Hopkins physicians discovered an enormous rare type of pituitary tumor compressing his optic nerves and preventing normal hormone function. After a phenomenally successful surgery with Dr. Q, Yanir recovered rapidly and today he is running half-marathons and living healthily and happily with his family.

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Susan Garbett

Susan was stunned to learn that she had a tumor that is approximately one in a million – a sacral chordoma. Amazingly, Susan decided that she would give to future generations by donating some of her tumor cells to Dr. Q’s lab, allowing us to develop a cell line for chordomas that can now be used in labs all around the world. Thank you Susan for your incredible contribution to science and future chordoma patients and congratulations on your brilliant success story!

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David Reene

David Reene was a bright, family oriented, lovable person. On August 15th, 2013, David physically left this earth but his memory and presence is as strong as ever. His family and employer have kept his memory alive by sharing his story to help encourage people to love life and live every day as much as David did. He was taken at the young age of 53 by brain cancer.

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Sarah Wolfe

Sarah Wolfe is a recent college graduated who received the diagnosis of a Stage 4 Glioblastoma Astrocytoma while she was studying for her final exams during college. Determined not to let brain cancer slow her down, Sarah went on to graduate from college, became an advocate for brain cancer research through her modeling, signed up for a kickball team, and successfully underwent chemotherapy and radiation. She is an all around amazing and inspiring young woman.

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Dr.Quinones on Hopkins: "I have failed in many things, but never in my ability to get up and try again."

Airing on ABC in 2008, Hopkins (TV series) followed doctors around Johns Hopkins Hospital to document their experiences with patients. Two of the episodes focused on Dr.Quinones and his patients. Watch these episodes to learn more about the emotions, complexities, and the hope that is involved in patient care.

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John Mahoney

John is a young innovator, who collapsed behind his desk at work in early 2012 due to a brain tumor. Throughout his journey with brain cancer, John has overcome many obstacles with much strength and has set out to create the life that he wants to live. His story is one of great perseverance, foresight, and incredible love.

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Jane Zweig

"Dr. Quinones is my hero. He saved my life and gave me a new one." - Jane Zweig

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Joy Gaetano

When Joy was first diagnosed with a brain tumor, she made her sister promise she would send out Joy's Christmas cards to her incredibly large circle of friends. Thankfully, Joy was able to send out the Christmas cards herself, and including a special note asking her world-wide friendship circle to be supporters of Dr. Q's Quest for a cure.

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Ann Van Wagner

“What can I do to be a positive influence today?” That is the selfless question that Ann Van Wagner now asks herself every morning when she wakes up.

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Fiona York

A first hand account of a young mother and her inspirational journey through brain cancer.

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John Petrovick

" Dear Colleagues and Friends

Isaac Asimov once said: "Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome".

It is with deep regret that I inform you that we lost a dear friend and colleague to brain cancer. John Petrovick passed this Saturday around 3:00 AM. I was blessed to be part of his life and I was given the privilege to care for him and we were all given the privilege to share some wonderful moments and to learn from him in more ways than one."

- Dr Q

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Forty Years of Love: Leaving a Legacy

Mike Miller surrendered to cancer in 2011. His long journey with cancer started in 2006 when he was diagnosed with the unimaginable - skin cancer, then prostate cancer in 2007, and a precancerous colon tumor in 2008. In 2010, things turned for the worse when he was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioma tumor. Mike’s wife and daughter share his story.

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Finding a diagnosis is not always an easy thing. Learn about Bill's journey towards a diagnosis and a cure.

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“We have a pretty small family; cancer took everyone,” says Amy Frondoso with a nervous laugh. Her family has a long history of cancer- her mother had pancreatic cancer, her grandfather had lung cancer, and her aunt had lymphoma.

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Lida Dickinson

Lida has four children and numerous grand-children. Two years ago she was diagnosed with a grade IV Glioma, one of the worst types of brain tumor. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet her and her husband Charlie to learn about her incredible story. I also had the opportunity to talk to Stephanie, Lida's daughter, who was willing to share her experience as a family member of a brain cancer patient.

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John Petrovick - Lance Armstrong

As John is going through a difficult time, Lance Armstrong is giving him some words of support.

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Don: My Journey with Brain Cancer

"...Not being fully aware of what the disease had in store for him or for myself, we moved ahead in a relationship. We moved in together a year later, and I made the choice to commit to Don and to brain cancer."

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Baltimore Sun: Liane Lefever

Johns Hopkins doctors do brain surgery via eyelid:
"When you tell people you had brain surgery, the first thing people always do is look for a scar, and that's what's amazing, there isn't one," said Liane Lefever, a patient diagnosed with a meningioma.

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Johns Hopkins Bayview: Four surgeons and one very thankful patient

Othello Ooi, 26, was diagnosed with a large chordoma tumor growing at the base of his skull, putting pressure on critical regions of his nervous system.
“Most surgeons would’ve looked at it and said it was a hopeless case, but the four of us successfully did it together." - Dr Boahene.

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Jeff Kellner

Jeff was a young and healthy man before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Like many patients, Jeff never thought such a thing could happen to him: "My life had changed drastically in a split second. I went from having no doctors to seeing 5 specialists in one week." He shares his story and his miraculous road to recovery.

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Johns Hopkins Bayview: Derek Jones

For years, Derek suffered from seizures, headaches and facial motor problems. As he nears his 16th birthday, Jones' dream of learning to drive is becoming more vivid. In this article, Derek describes his experience with Dr Q after being diagnosed with a glioma tumor and going through an awake craniotomy.

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Josué Hernández Hervás

13-year-old Josué Hernández Hervás was treated by Dr. Quiñones for a cervical intramedullary spinal cord tumor that traveled from the medulla at the base of his spine down to his spinal cord. He traveled all the way from Spain to receive treatment from Dr. Quiñones. He is very thankful for the treatment that he received from Dr. Q and wrote an incredible story about his journey.

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Sharon Byrnes

In September 2010, Sharon had a brain tumor removed through her eyelid. She was only the 19th person at Johns Hopkins to undergo the procedure. Her story shows the important breakthroughs that are being made in the field of neurosurgery.

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Paul X. English, III

We sat down with Mr. English to talk to him about his experiences pre- and post- surgery, and realized that while luck and fate play a role in bringing about favorable outcomes, a certain degree of responsibility falls upon the individual to tip the odds in favor of bringing about the results one would like to see. His story speaks to the incredible support that Dr. Q gives to each and every one of his patients, and the power of positivity.

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Nancy Raine

"Nancy Raine, a bestselling author from Bedford, Virginia, had trouble finding words to describe her shock and anxiety when she learned she had a brain tumor. As someone who was generally healthy and exercised daily, she was stunned by the news. “I didn’t know anything was wrong with me until it was really wrong,” she remembers."

"At times during the surgery even her heart rate was affected,” explains Dr. Quiñones-Hinojosa. “What really made a difference during this complicated procedure was the intraoperative CT scanner and neuronavigation tools, which helped me better map my work and gave me more precision during the delicate procedure.”

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Tony DeVary

A sports Coach wins his life back after brain surgery. Using some of the most advanced brain navigation tools along with an intraoperative CT scanner, Dr Q. was able to completely remove a tumor that many surgeons considered inoperable . Today, DeVary rarely has headaches and is able to exercise. He looks forward to spending time as a soccer and wrestling coach and enjoying the holidays with his family.

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Listen to Tony Devary's goals as a coach after his operation with Dr Q

Mary Lamb and Shelby Lamb

Shelby Lamb, a high school senior student, tells her experience at the side of her mother who is being diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is extremely thankful to Dr. Subramanian and Dr. Quinones for saving her mother’s life.

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Teresa Scanlon

Mrs Scanlon was a patient of Dr. Quinones and has recently been crowned Mrs Maryland America 2012; She will be competing for Mrs America 2013

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Max San Roman

Max San Roman came all the way from Peru to receive treatment from Dr. Quinones. Dr. Q's reputation reaches far and wide, as Mr. San Roman's story shows us. Guillermo Vela, a master's student in Dr. Q's lab, sat down with Mr. San Roman to hear more about his story. In this interview, Mr. San Roman reveals his reasons for coming to receive treatment from Dr. Q, his experience at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and how his surgery has changed his life.

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