International Students / Collaborators



Current Students

Dr. Ignacio Jusué-Torres, Neurosurgeon

"During life, as well as in sports and surgery, it is extremely beneficial to have a mentor who can help guide you. This is crucial in whatever surgical field, mainly in Neurosurgery. After first meeting Dr Q, his passion, energy and affection was infectious. Dr. Q took the time to get to know the name of almost every person in the hospital, from other doctors to the floor custodians. It is really amazing how he treats every person he is speaking with like they are most important ones in the world. Being part of this team, learning from his ground-breaking and cutting-edge translational research and complexity of surgical cases, has been an incredible experience that has radically changed my life and inspired future horizons."

Karim Refaey, Medical Student

My name is Karim Refaey and I am in my final year of medical school at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, with expected date of graduation march 2014. I have worked on several research projects in Egypt in the field of congenital hydrocephalus and its different methods of management, particularly the epidemiological aspects of this field. I am also a member of Healthy Egyptians Organization, which is an NGO that is committed to fighting the lack of health education in Egypt. I was formerly a professional swimmer and have received many titles and trophies nationally and internationally.

Juan Carlos Martinez-Gutierrez, MD candidate

It is an amazing experience being at the forefront of the neurosurgical field in the OR and literally walking across the street to cutting-edge science in the Q-lab. When I first heard of the amazing Q, I was downright skeptical. After spending mere minutes with him there was no doubt the stories were understated. He is an amazing surgeon, scientist and human being sharing his unique liveliness with everyone who crosses his path.Finding a new mentor in Dr. Q, I joined his lab; constantly emulating his get-up-and-go attitude and safekeeping his words of wisdom. As Q always says: "Anything is possible, you just have to want it enough."

Jordina Rincon, MD candidate

09/26/11 – 12/16/11

University of Barcelona, Spain

"Even before entering Dr. Quiñones office for the first time, I had a sense that this experience could potentially change my live. That moment was the first step of an incredible journey. What I most love is that he gives to his fellows the opportunity to have a first hand experience in every single aspect of his day time. The outpatients clinic, the OR, the patient luncheon, the storytellers talk, the lectures to the future doctors, the time he invests conversing with the children-future of this world, the grand rounds, the lab meetings, the half marathons, and every single effort that he invest to battle the brain cancer... All that experiences with him taught me the human touch of his work. Dr Q is a truly inspiration and a role model for those who are around him. His passionate energy and enthusiasm embraces you, and you start to become a piece of his team."


Salvador Manrique, MD, Neurosurgery Resident

I'm currently here with Dr. Q, and it has been a fabulous experience with patient interaction and multidisciplinary approach to the patients. Dr Quinones' professionalism and surgical skills makes him a role model in the field of Neurosurgery. When we as neurosurgeons in training look up for an icon to follow, we look up to Dr. Q! He has all those qualities. I feel very fortunate to be a part of his team.

Elsa Rodarte, MD candidate

03/29/10 – 06/18/10

Monterrey Tec, Mexico

Rotating with Dr. Q in Johns Hopkins was a unique experience. The setting the rotation takes place in is a youthful environment of enthusiastic work. Dr. Q's initiative is reflected in a hug lab with international students, a great variety of projects and collaboration. Everyone has a firm ideal of looking for a way to prevent or treat cancer or reduce tumor burden through their basic or clinical research projects. A great way Dr. Q enhances this is by inviting patients to the lab meetings and events, where food, work and friendly talk are shared.

Attending surgeries, of course, is an amazing hallmark of the rotation and I enjoyed it immensely. I became familiar with the residents, the surgical techniques, patient exploration, and top technologies. I am very thankful for this opportunity and will always remember Dr. Q's CWD...!

Dr. Rodrigo Navarro-Ramirez, Neurosurgeon

"I am a very lucky person. I first got to know Dr Q when I was in my first year as a Neurosurgery Resident. Now, I am working with him in Baltimore and I am glad to work with him side by side. Doctor Quinones has inspired me to work hard at my dream of becoming one of the leading neurosurgeons in Mexico and give something back to my people. As a PostDoc Fellow. I acquired the intellectual tools to develop translational research and perform complex brain tumor surgeries. Dr Q. has taught me about neurosurgery, science and most importantly how to be a better human being."

Rafael De la Garza-Ramos, MD candidate

09/26/11 – 12/16/11

Monterrey Tec, Mexico

I had the opportunity to meet and work with Dr Q for 3 full months. Since day 1 I could see the energy and passion Dr Q puts into his work, and how his attitude is truly contagious among his co-workers and students. I am very grateful to have been part of his team for those 3 months, and hopefully I will join him again in the near future. In the end, one thing became very clear for me: If there is someone in the world who will make the difference for brain cancer patients, it is Dr Q and his team.

Andrea Díaz Stransky

04/2011 - 05/2011

Monterrey Tec, Mexico

Often doctors ask if finding a cure is possible, Dr. Q asks HOW to make it possible. I would not believe the extent of Dr. Q’s dedication to his patients if I hadn’t witnessed it while I shadowed him in 2011. ¨Too busy¨ is not in his dictionary, he always has time to listen to his patient’s worries and life updates. He will often ask his patients for a story, a personal anecdote, a tale to remember them as individuals- beyond any diagnostic label.

He is a role model not only for his masterful technical skill, but also for his humane character. He knows how to identify the strengths of his team members, and lead them to deliver their best work. Dr. Q’s door always remains open to students that may ask for his advice and mentorship. He teaches us not that good science and the art of medicine are easy to master- but rather he inspires us by exemplifying what it takes to make them possible. Success takes passion, not just potential. If all doctors genuinely cared with the same passion and rolled up their sleeves to help their patients like Dr. Q does, the cure for brain cancer would be an unraveled tale by now.

Shami Acharya , MD candidate

04/09/12 - 05/26/12

Bart's and The London School of Medicine

I am a student from London and was studying in Mexico when I first met Dr Q. Not many Neurosurgeons insist that you come and do research with them when you are 9128 km from home. But Dr Q did!

His unbelievable energy and commitment to excellence from his students, has made my elective experience an unforgettable one.

If you give him 120% he gives you back 200%, and it is these clinical opportunities and his research ethic that has pushed me to further develop my research skills from the best in the world. “Don’t stop working!” – Dr Q.

Julio Rodarte, MD candidate

03/24/12 – 06/15/12

Monterrey Tec, Mexico

I wouldn't know where to start, everything about being with Dr. Q is amazing! He has such a young and high spirit it makes the working environment a fun and pleasant one; his brain surgeries are the most amazing thing, he always does his best for the patients and their families.
Being with Dr. Q requires passion; we not only learn about neurosurgery techniques and awesome research, but also about life and how to make the most of it. I think being part of his multicultural team is one of the best experiences one can have.
Thank you for this excellent opportunity to work and become friends with some of the world's greatest minds and kindest people who selflessly fight brain cancer.