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What patients think of Dr Q

I came from ottawa canada to meet a top neurosurgeon to help me with my condition.I could have chosen any doctor or hospital in north america. I truly found a true professional which has compassion and heart; surrounded by an excellent team of doctors, nurses, and fantastic support staff.His warmth towards his patients and team members comes from his passion to make this world a better place.Johns hopkins hospital has a gem on its hands. I would not hesitate to recommend this doctor.Cordially, Romeo Bellai Ottawa,Canada

- romeo bellai

I can't possibly express how the whole team at John's Hopkins and Dr. Q in particular have exceeded all my expectations! Since being diagnosed in the fall of 2007 with a pituitary tumor, the level of care has been outstanding. Starting with my initial contact with Rita Pach, my initial consultation with Drs. Savatori and Q, the help with getting prescriptions approved by my insurance company by Alison Dimick, the almost instant communication via e-mail with the whole team, continuing through my surgery in May! Again, ALL OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you all so very much!


Dr Alfredo Quinones Hinojosa was not only a doctor who provided medical care to my wife, but also, showed keen personal interest in my wife's brain tumor condition. My wife and I felt at ease in dealing with Dr. Quinones. He became to us not only a doctor, but also an advocate and a close friend in moments when comfort was needed. I have in very high regard Dr. Alfredo Quinones Hinojosa.Sincerly,Harold Morales

- Anonymous

My husband and I were lucky enough to meet Dr. Quinones and become his patient. My husband has brain cancer. Thanks to Dr. Q and his team, he is doing wonderfully. Dr. Q is one of the most caring, comforting and brilliant doctors that we ever have met. His team is very professional,they always follow up with phone calls, appointments, and everyone stays on top of everything. You could say Dr. Q wrote the book on brain tumors, because he did and I trust him completely with my husbands care. I thank God every day that we were able to become part of his family at Johns Hopkins. I would recommend him to everyone!

- Lyn Royer wife of David Roye

Our 28 year old son recently had his 3rd brain surgery with Dr Quinones. Our son is now undergoing 6 weeks of radiation but before the radiation started he was evaluated by a radiologist who is on staff with 11 other doctors at St Joseph's Hospital here at home in Atlanta GA. All 12 doctors expressed their amazement that in the recent surgery no damage was done to the Corpus Callosum(the tumor was next to it) which would have disabled our son and been very serious. Full brain function was preserved. They are also amazed that our son shows no neurological deficits. People simply don't even suspect that our son has had brain surgery. Dr Quinones and his team and all the Johns Hopkins care givers are all exemplary people. We just can't imagine ever needing to use any other hospital. The last thing we'd like to say is that the only emotion that matches the fear my wife and I experienced when we learned our son had a brain tumor is the confidence that Dr Quinones and his staff have instilled in us to help offset the raw, gnawing ongoing fear for our son's health. My wife and I cannot sufficiently express the degree of our appreciation and thankfulness for the medical care our son has received at Johns Hopkins, but we can say that if the need arises again, we will return to Johns Hopkins without hesitation and thank God such an institution exists. We knew Johns Hopkins was a top rated hospital, but they have far exceeded our expectations.

- Ben Sommer

For anyone looking for a world-class Neurosurgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Quinones. He performed brain surgery on me and resolved a problem that had made my life miserable for nearly four years. Dr. Q gave me my life back, and I can say that without exaggeration. Not only is he an exceptional surgeon, but he is a wonderful person, and a doctor who is in medicine because he really cares about his patients and wants to help. His skill as a surgeon is second to none and without question I would trust him to do any sort of neurosurgery. He is also an outstanding person. Dr. Q is kind, caring, compassionate, honest and he works himself to a frazzle for the benefit of his patients. I owe him everything and feel so blessed to have had him as my surgeon. Also not to be overlooked is Dr.Qs amazing staff- every employee of his office, including the secretaries, PAs and nurses were all exceptional people and dedicated professionals. They were all so helpful and really worked hard to be available to their patients. I am so thankful for all of their hard work and kindness. Dr. Q and his whole team are the best of the best, in this patients opinion.

- Erica LaFramboise

Amazing man - top notch surgeon with unbelievable warmth and compassion for the patient and family. Can not recommend him highly enough!

- Anonymous