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We strive to provide the best medical care possible for our patients,driven by Mayo Clinic's motto: "The needs of the patient come first." Our team is proud to represent the three shields representing the Mayo Clinic, wich is to excel in education, research, and patient care.

We are part of an integrated, multidiciplinary team of doctors and health care profesionals who provide individualized care for each patient. We are constantly seeking new knowledge to improve diagnosis, therapies and outcomes for patients with various brain an nervous system disorders.



Our projects

In our laboratory, we strategically attack cancer from multiple angles in order to find new therapies. Our principal projects include developing novel therapeutics for glioblastoma including cellular therapy, studying cell migration and invasion, designing models of brain and spine cancers, and establishing a human tissue bank.  The operating room functions as an extension of our laboratory.


Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa's laboratory at Mayo Clinic leads and contributes to brain tumor stem cell research that's funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other sources.


Check out the cover articles from Dr. Quinones' Stem Cell Research Laboratory.

Mission: Brain Foundation

Mission: BRAIN Bridging Resources & Advancing International Neurosurgery" is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation comprised of world-renowned neurosurgeons, medical providers, nurses, and volunteers from Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Weill-Cornell, the University of Guadalajara and the University of California San Francisco. The dedicated members of this organization travel around the world to bring surgical expertise, medical supplies, and educational resources to patients and families who are in dire need. The goal of Mission: BRAIN is to give hope to suffering patients and their families while building bridges between nations to allow for the exchange of knowledge and creation of a self-sustaining network between students and physicians from other countries around the world. Since 2011, Mission: BRAIN has performed over 40 neurosurgeries, free of charge, and held several teaching seminars. This year, teams are going to Guadalajara, Mexico City, Haiti and the Philippines, and the foundation is planning future missions to Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Together will continue building bridges and saving lives!

Learn More about Our Foundation

Mission:BRAIN teamcontinues to lead a dedicated and world-renowned team of surgeons, medical staff and volunteers to developing communities around the world.








Young Lee

Congratulations to our research team member Young Lee on matching at University of California San Francisco for neurosurgery! (March 2016)


Juan Carlos

Congratulations to our post-doctoral fellow Juan Carlos Martinez Gutierrez on matching in neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital! (March 2016)


Cesar Garcia

Congratulations to Cesar Garcia, on his acceptance to Stanford University School of Medicine in California. Cesar has been a hardworking and dedicated member of my lab since 2017. We are incredibly proud of his accomplishments and wish him the best of luck for his promising future in medicine!


Rafael de la Garza

Congratulations to Rafael de la Garza on matching at Albert Einstein Montefiore Medical Center for neurosurgery! (March 2016)


Amanda Placone

Congratulations to Amanda Placone for receiving her engineering PhD degree emphasized on "Astrocyte activation and its influence on the brain tumor microenvironment" We are extremely proud of you and this tremendous accomplishment! (March 2016)


Emily Lavell

Congratulations to our lab team member Emily Lavell for being accepted in the Master Program of Health Science in Health Economics Program at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health! We are very proud of you! (March 2016)


Kyle Inman

Congratulations to Kyle Inman for being selected by the Scholarly Concentrations to give an oral presentation about the management of NF2-driven meningiomas with YAP inhibitor Verteporfin
at Johns Hopkins. (February 2016)


Dr. Kaisorn Chaichana

Congratulations to Dr. Kaisorn Chaichana for receiving the Passano Physician Scientist Award. This award represents acknowledgment of his achievements, support for his research, and a commitment to his career progress as a clinician scientist. (December 2015)


Myungjun Ko

Congratulations to PhD candidate Myungjun Ko for his acceptance to to the Nanotechnology for Cancer Research Pre-doctoral Fellowship! (October 2015)


Jordina Rincon-Torroella

Congratulations to my phenomenal fellow Jordina Rincon-Torroella on matching for neurosurgery residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital (March 2016). She also received the A. Earl Walker Outstanding International Fellow Award! (June 2015)


Eric Weaver

Congratulations to my student Eric Weaver on his acceptance to Johns Hopkins Medical School! (March 2015)


Akhila Denduluri

Congratulations to my student Akhila Denduluri on her acceptance to Johns Hopkins' Biomedical Engineering PhD program and on the completion of her Masters! (May 2015)


Carmen Cut

Congratulations to MD/PhD student Carmen Cut for receiving her engineering PhD degree focused on "Real-time, label-free optical property mapping for detection of human brain cancer infiltration," which was one of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s 2015 Research Highlights! (March, 2016). She has also received the prestigious George M. L. Sommerman Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award for Graduate Teaching Assistants at the Whiting School of Engineering for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant. This award is given to one teaching assistant per year at the Whiting School of Engineering based on student and faculty nominations. (April 2014).


Sean Dangelmajer and Alexandra Larsen

Congratulations to my two students, Sean Dangelmajer and Alexandra Larsen, for their acceptance to Harvard Medical School, my alma mater! (March 2014)



Congratulations to Olindi, a student in my laboratory, for her multiple acceptances to medical schools, including Boston University and the University of Maryland. (March 2014)

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